A New Catena on the Gospel of Matthew

Oggi, su What’s New in Patristics, abbiamo il piacere di ospitare un post di Georgi Parpulov, ricercatore del progetto CATENA dell’Università di Birmingham, che presenta alcune novità relative alle sue ricerche sulle catene esegetiche greche. Qui sotto la notizia ricevuta. [I Curatori]

‘Chains’ of concatenated exegetical excerpts survive in a number of manuscripts from the ninth and later centuries and form a major source for the history of biblical interpretation. Since no one of late had surveyed the relevant Greek material, I undertook to catalogue all known Greek manuscripts with catena commentary on the New Testament. Inspecting some four hundred codices unavoidably brought to light several new catena types which, having so far escaped the attention of scholars, are soon to be registered for the first time in the Clavis Clavium on-line database. Probably the most notable of these additions is a composite text that will be designated CPG C119.2 (CPG stands for Clavis Patrum GraecorumC stands for catenae).